TCP Liquid Antiseptic 100ml

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Dual action TCP soothes pain, fights infection. Topical solution and concentrate for gargle. For sore throats (including those associated with Colds and Flu), mouth ulcers, cuts, grazes, bites, stings, boils, spots, pimples.


  • TCP Liquid Antiseptic is a Clear Yellow Solution of Halogenated Phenols 0.68% w/v and Phenol 0.175% w/v,
  • It also contains: Glycerol, Concentrated Phosphoric Acid, E104 (Quinoline Yellow), Water. Best before: see label.

Prepare and Use

Relief of Sore Throat symptoms including those associated with Colds and Flu: Simply gargle twice a day with TCP diluted with 5 parts water. Do Not Swallow. Mouth Ulcers: To ease the discomfort of common mouth ulcers, dab undiluted three times a day. Should symptoms persist for more than 14 days, consult your doctor or dentist. Cuts, Grazes, Bites, Stings: Dilute with an equal quantity of water and apply freely. In emergencies may be used undiluted. Boils, Spots, Pimples: Dab lightly, undiluted, every 4 hours and do not cover. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do Not Swallow. Do not use if you have an allergic skin condition or are sensitive to the active ingredients. If you swallow large amounts, drink plenty of water. If you feel unwell seek medical advice. In normal use you should not suffer unwanted side-effects. However, if you notice anything unusual, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. See your doctor if symptoms persist for more than a few days. Do not use after expiry date.

Storage Information

  • Max Temp °C 30


Laboratoires Chemineau, 93 Route de la Monnaie, 37 210 Vouvray, France. PL holder: Omega Pharma Ltd., 1st Floor, 32 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 2SA, UK. PA holder: Chefaro Ireland Ltd, 1st Floor, Block A, The Crescent Building, Northwood Office Park, Dublin 9, Ireland.

Country of Origin

  • United Kingdom